Saudi Border Guards’ Attacks on Saada Killed and Wounded 3,404 Yemeni Civilians

The Ministry of Public Health and Population of Sana’a government said that the number of casualties caused by Saudi border guards’ bombardments on the border districts of Saada province reached 3,404 martyrs and wounded.

The ministry, in a statement issued on Friday, affirmed that 314 civilians were killed and 3090 were wounded in direct attacks and deliberate killing by Saudi forces’ shelling on the border directorates of Saada province, since the beginning of the truce in early April 2022 until January 25.

The statement pointed out that the Saudi forces used artillery shells and machine guns, in addition to practicing torture with electricity and acid water against the victims.

“These crimes and violations are war crimes according to the international legal description, as the targets are peaceful civilians,” the statement said.

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