Al-Huraizy Reveals New Saudi Plans in Al-Mahra

The prominent tribal leader in Al-Mahrah, Ali Salem Al-Huraizy, attributed the Saudi-Emirati conflict in Yemen to the disputes over sharing the spoils.

The head of the Peaceful Sit-in Committee in Al-Mahrah, Sheikh Al-Huraizy, said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have destroyed Yemen, its infrastructure and institutions, and occupied islands and ports, “and now they are fighting over the spoils.

Al-Huraizy in an expanded meeting called on “all the free people of Mahra and Yemen” to be ready for the next stage to confront the occupation and expel them from Mahra and Yemen in general.

He considered the presence of Saudi forces at Al-Ghaydah airport as a provocative act, and appointing a military governor and imposing it on the people of Al-Mahrah was unacceptable.

Sheikh Al-Harizi accused the military commander, Abed Al-Qahtani, of killing the people of Al-Mahrah, and his involvement in the bloody crime of tunnels that took place in Al-Mahrah Governorate on November 13, 2018, which resulted in two martyrs from Al-Mahrah.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has new plans in Al-Mahra, and is working to establish the Nation Shield Forces, and a new deployment on the coast of Al-Mahra, stressing that the free people of Al-Mahra will fail them as they failed them in the past.

Sheikh Al-Huraizy also stressed that “the Saudi-Emirati occupation only understands the language of force, stressing that the people of Al-Mahrah are ready for any possibilities in the next stage to defend their land, whatever the sacrifices cost them.”

He indicated that the committees of Parliament, the government, and the Presidential Council work for the benefit of the foreign occupation countries, and the Yemeni people know all this.

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