STC Forces Imposed Siege on Aden International Airport

UAE-backed Transitional Council factions imposed a siege on Aden International Airport.

This comes two days after reports of handing over the tasks of securing it to factions affiliated with Saudi Arabia.

Media sources in the city reported that the STC factions carried out a large-scale deployment in Khor Maksar district, noting that the deployment concentrated in the vicinity of Aden International Airport.

The motives for this deployment are not clear, but its timing indicates the transitional refusal to hand over the airport’s tasks to the “National Shield” forces, which have been reported to have started handing over sites and camps in the vicinity of the airport, most notably al-Nasr and al-Sulaban.

The transitional move would blow up the situation militarily, especially since it comes a day after Saudi Arabia carried out “street war” training for its new factions in the city.

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