Sana’a Raises the Degree of Military Readiness

Sana’a forces raised on Sunday, the level of combat readiness in conjunction with the repeated messages of its leaders to the coalition.

Chief of Staff, Major General Muhammad Al-Ghamari, said that the Armed Forces, in all its military formations, are fully prepared and ready for any options required by the stage, indicating that it is better than ever.

He stressed also, according to what was reported by Al-Masirah channel, which is the mouthpiece of Anssarallah movement, “Houthis,” the need to respond to the demands of revolution leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, and to withdraw from all Yemeni lands.

Major General Al-Ghamari’s statements, among messages to the leadership of Sana’a, began with a speech by the movement leader on the eve of the martyrdom anniversary of the former president, Saleh Al-Sammad, in which he explicitly demanded the exit of foreign forces from Yemen, in addition to hinting at the return to military options, with the United States continuing to obstruct Muscat’s efforts to reach a peace agreement.

Chief of General Staff of Sana’a forces confirmed that their forces, in all their military formations, are fully prepared and better than ever for whatever choices the stage requires,” referring to the call of “Anssarallah movement” to be ready to confront the coalition, which he described as procrastinating regarding peace.

Major General Al-Ghamari said in statements: “The leader of revolution’s warning to the coalition of aggression requires them to quickly respond to the demands of our people and leave every inch of the homeland.” He added, “The blood of the martyr President Al-Samad, with which he watered the soil of the West Coast, was a flood that swept away the crowds of invaders and mercenaries.”

The Chief of Staff of Sana’a forces praised “the position of Tihama people who are loyal to the blood of the martyr al-Samad and their alignment with the army in confronting the forces of aggression.” In an indication to the readiness and military preparation on the West Coast front.

The leader of Anssarallah movement, Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, declared maximum combat readiness in preparation for the next stage.

At the same time, he warned the coalition that it would not respond to Sana’a’s demands, including the payment of employee salaries from oil and gas revenues, in addition to the departure of foreign forces from the areas they control in Yemen.

This is the first time that Sana’a forces have declared their combat readiness since the armistice took effect several months ago. The new threat of the military option coincided with the stalled negotiations in Muscat, indicating that the stage is heading towards a military escalation.

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