Houthis Warn against American Moves in Yemen

Anssarallah’s political bureau warns of the consequences of the American moves in Yemen.

The bureau said in a news statement that the US moves in the provinces of Hadramout and Mahra represent a serious and blatant assault on Yemeni sovereignty, and an extension of the ongoing American “aggression” against the Yemeni people for eight years.

The statement noted that the southern and eastern provinces are living under the brunt of the multinational occupation, reaffirming that the priority of liberating all Yemeni lands from foreign occupation.

“These moves fall within the context of new treasonous arrangements by the government backed by the Saudi-led coalition and its local tools aimed at selling and leasing Yemeni coasts and islands from the occupation forces.”

The statement held the coalition “government” responsible for any betrayal or abandonment of national sovereignty.

It renewed its rejection and denunciation of the aggressive American moves in Mahra, as well as any foreign presence, movements or activities on any Yemeni land.

The statement called on all national political components and parties to exert maximum efforts in confronting the coalition, and to move at all levels to thwart the conspiracies targeting the country and its sovereignty, unity and independence.

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