Saudi light to drop Hadramout opposite this area

Saudi Arabia has signed a new deal with the Southern Transitional Council, “a group calling for the separation of southern Yemen”, which grants it the right to annex important strategic areas in eastern Yemen.

Government sources have revealed that Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, who arrived in Aden late Tuesday, has agreed with the STC leadership to hand over Hadramout to Saudi Arabia, reaching all the way to Al-Wade’a except for the oil plateau.

The sources claimed that Al Jaber told Aidarus Al-Zubaidi, the head of the Southern Transitional Council, that only the “Homeland Shield” forces, which Riyadh recently reconfigured and placed under the direct command of Sultan Al-Baqmi the support and backup commander of the coalition, would be deployed in the regions bordering Saudi Arabia. Al Jaber justified the move as necessary to protect Saudi interests.

Late on Tuesday, Zubaidi announced, following a meeting with the Saudi ambassador, that The National Assembly “Parliament” meetings would be moved to Mukalla, with the meeting scheduled for the 21st of this month, which coincides with the anniversary of Yemeni unity.
This Saudi move is part of efforts to expand the STC’s control over the southern and eastern provinces bordering pre-unification Yemen.

If the people of Hadramout allow the event to take place, it will be a victory for the STC, which has failed to achieve it militarily over the past few years. It will also represent a blow to the anti-STC Hadrami forces, who oppose being subjected to Aden.

The deserts and valleys of Hadramout, which are rich in oil and have a strategic location, have been Saudi Arabia’s main target since the 1960s. The Kingdom has fought battles with South Yemen in the past in an attempt to control it, and at that time it was successful in engulfing a sizable portion of the Empty Quarter and reaching as far as Al-Wade’a.

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