Arrangements for announcing the Hadramout territory after Al-Alimi’s approval

The Hadhrami forces participating in the Riyadh negotiations are preparing to officially announce the “Hadramout Territory.”

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

Sources at the Hadramout Inclusive Conference, one of the main forces participating in the negotiations, expected the territory to be announced in the coming days, indicating that Hadhrami leaders have started to make the amendments demanded by Al-Alimi.

The sources confirmed the approval of Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen, on the outcomes of the negotiations hosted by Riyadh last week.

The outcomes stipulate the declaration of Hadramout as a self-governing territory so that the Yemeni parties can reach an agreement on the situation in Yemen. According to government sources, they also include a decision from Al-Alimi to remove the “First Military Zone” affiliated with Islah from the Wadi and Desert of Hadramout, as well as the factions affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council in Mukalla, in exchange for forming Hadhrami forces under the banner of “Shield of the Nation,” led directly by Al-Alimi.

Amr Ben Hebrish, one of the prominent leaders participating in the Riyadh conference, had earlier met with Al-Alimi for the first time. The meeting was held away from the presidential members, indicating that Al-Alimi’s decision legitimizes the Hadhrami step with Saudi support.

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