Saudi-Emirati agreement about Hadramout

Saudi Arabia and the UAE reached an agreement on Sunday to end the dispute between the two parties regarding Hadramout, the oil-rich province in eastern Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

Saudi intelligence has begun promoting a new vision for the situation in southern and eastern Yemen under the slogan “Federal South” through its activists on social media.

Ahmed Al-Qarni, a colonel in the Saudi army, explained that his country is preparing to reject the new scenario, which includes two territories in Aden and Hadramout, considering Rashad Al-Alimi’s speech, the chairman of the Presidential Council, which justified the announcement of the separation of southern Yemen as a prelude to imposing the new situation.

In contrast, Abdullah Al-Hatilah, assistant editor-in-chief of the official Okaz newspaper, described the recent dispute between his country and Abu Dhabi as a difference in vision for consolidating the separation, referring to his country’s vision, which includes a territory in Hadramout and another in Aden, and Abu Dhabi’s vision to annex Hadramout to Aden.

These shifts in the Saudi position, which remained vague in recent weeks and witnessed movements in the south and Hadramout, suggest that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, who have been supporting conflicting local parties, have decided to agree on sharing the south and east while preserving the UAE’s influence in Aden in exchange for Riyadh’s control over Hadramout.

Recently, the UAE has pushed its adherents in the Transitional Council to escalate towards Hadramout, prompting Riyadh to summon Hadramout leaders and impose a different reality than the direction of annexing Aden.

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