Widespread discontent over the coalition factions demolition of more than 200 commercial stores in Dhalea

On Saturday, activists vented their rage on social media over the coalition factions demolishing numerous commercial stores in the Dhalea governorate, claiming they were built randomly.

Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The activists pointed out that the justification for the demolition was illogical and that it was foolish to demolish more than 200 commercial businesses with such a naive excuse. They saw what the coalition factions did as a sign of their arrogance and indifference for citizens’ property.

They contend that the Security Belt Forces, which UAE supports, behave in a racist and aggressive manner toward the sons of the northern regions in the southern governorates in order to advance the coalition countries’ agenda, which aims to split Yemen and sow discord among the Yemeni people as a whole.

Last Thursday, without prior notice, the Transitional Council militants supported by the UAE destroyed more than 200 commercial stores in the Snah market in the Dhalea governorate, including goods and private funds belonging to owners from the northern governorates. This resulted in the destruction of the goods and left them open to looting, resulting in significant losses for the traders.

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