Losses in human and material terms in the ranks of the occupation army on the Gaza border

The Israeli army revealed on Tuesday that ten soldiers, including two sergeants from the “Givati” brigade, were killed, while a number of others were injured during the ongoing battles in northern Gaza.

Palestine / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, confirmed that their fighters had ambushed “Israeli vehicles advancing in the area of Juhor ad-Dik, east of the central governorate, and destroyed three vehicles” when they declared in a statement that they had repulsed an Israeli ground incursion against the Gaza Strip in multiple axes.

The spokesman said, “Despite the enemy’s attempt to bypass our defensive lines, our mujahideen managed to engage with its forces at all points of advancement.” He added that our mujahideen have been engaged and are still engaged in fierce confrontations at all confrontation points in the past few days.

Abu Ubaida, the spokesman, stated, “We targeted 22 enemy military vehicles with highly destructive Yasin shells, in addition to detonating them using explosive devices from zero-range,” stressing that the naval forces managed “to carry out a number of attacks on maritime targets off the coast of Gaza using the remotely guided (Al-Asif) torpedo, which we reveal for the first time.”

“They will kneel at the end of the battle, and the war in Gaza will be his political end and the beginning of the end of the usurping entity,” he said, threatening Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his leadership. Furthermore, Abu Ubaida refuted the enemy’s claim that it had reached any prisoners of Qassam, speculating that this event might have occurred with separate parties holding captives.

“If the failed Netanyahu is proud, after a month of battle, of liberating one female prisoner, this means that he needs 20 years to release his captives in Gaza,” the military official continued. According to his subsequent disclosure, they will be releasing “a number of foreigners in the coming days in line with their announcement of not needing them.”

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