Resistance deepens the occupation’s wounds with 30 military vehicles in hours

On Sunday, the Palestinian resistance deepened the wounds of the Israeli occupation during its desperate attempt to penetrate the Gaza Strip.

Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni / Gaza:

The Palestinian resistance confirmed the destruction of five new vehicles belonging to the enemy in the past few hours, bringing the total number of vehicles destroyed in the past 48 hours to about 30, including tanks, bulldozers, and troop carriers.

The announcement by the resistance was accompanied by the release of video footage of new operations that included the destruction of occupation vehicles from zero distance.

The scenes also showed the besiegement of foot units entrenched in several houses on the fighting axes on the outskirts of Gaza.

In a related context, the Al-Qassam Brigades announced moments ago the execution of targeting operations in the Israeli depth, the latest of which targeted concentrations of occupation forces at the “Mafahim” site and another west of the “Iraz” site. These operations join earlier ones in the depth of the settlements that targeted concentrations of occupation forces in the Kissufim settlement.

For its part, the occupation confirmed through its Minister of Defense that they are facing difficulty in ground operations in Gaza, expecting difficult days there.

The military spokesman of the occupation also confirmed in recent statements an increase in the number of deaths in the occupation army, with more than 340 killed, including soldiers and officers, while the number of captured soldiers and officers exceeded 250 prisoners.

The announcement by the occupation confirmed a rise in the capture and killing operations within the ranks of the Israeli forces trying to breach Gaza, although experts questioned the veracity of the information given in light of the released videos showing mass killings of Israeli soldiers.

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