The result of Israeli insanity in Gaza was 200 martyrs

The Palestinian Ministry of Health disclosed on Monday the Israeli occupation forces’ most heinous evening massacres in Gaza.

Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni / Gaza:

The ministry reported that around 200 martyrs have fallen, and hundreds have been injured due to the airstrikes and ground and naval bombardment carried out by the occupation forces since Sunday evening until Monday dawn in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

In the midst of repeated attempts to achieve ground progress, the occupation forces cut off communications and the Internet simultaneously with their intense and unprecedented shelling of northern Gaza.

The occupation planes targeted populated homes in the north, central, east, west, and south of the Strip with airstrikes with a variety of American bombs, including internationally prohibited ones.

The occupation’s resorting to committing massacres against civilians each time reflects its forces defeats on the ground, while the Palestinian resistance continues to release videos of ambushes and targeting vehicles in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

For weeks, the occupation forces have been attempting to separate the south of Gaza from the north through fiery belts extending throughout the central part of the Strip.

Despite the madness of Israeli bombardment, the occupation forces have failed to displace the residents of the north from their homes, and they continued to go about their daily lives.

The number of martyrs has risen since October 7th to around 10,000 and more than 24,000 wounded, in addition to thousands of people still unaccounted for, according to the new statistics.

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