Gaza Health reveals terrifying new statistics for victims of the occupation’s aggression

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed on Wednesday the new tolls of victims of the ongoing 32-day Israeli aggression on the Strip, clarifying that the number of martyrs rose to “10569, including 4324 children, 2823 women, and 649 elderly people, in addition to injuring 26475 citizens”.

Gaza / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The health ministry statement said the entity committed “27 massacres in the past hours, claiming 241 martyrs”, noting that 49% of the victims in the past hours were from the southern Gaza Strip, which denies the occupation’s claims that they are safe areas.

The statement pointed out that the toll of massacres committed by the occupation against Palestinian families rose to 1098 families, while the ministry received 2550 reports of missing people, including 1350 children still trapped under rubble since the beginning of the aggression.

The victim’s toll of medical teams in the Strip rose to “193 martyrs and the destruction of 45 ambulances,” adding that the occupation targeted 120 health institutions and put 18 hospitals and 40 health centers out of service due to targeting and running out of fuel.

The spokesman for the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, Muhammad Abdel Salam, said earlier today, “The Islamic world is facing a difficult religious, moral, and humanitarian test regarding the Zionist-American genocide that Gaza has been subjected to for the second month.”

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