A mass grave for 150 Palestinian martyrs in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex

Medical teams at Al-Shifa Medical Complex dug a mass grave to bury the bodies of about 150 martyrs in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, which is under tight siege and bombing for the fourth day in a row.

The Undersecretary of the Health Ministry in Gaza, Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish, said in statements that they are trying to dig a mass grave to bury the martyrs inside Al-Shifa Hospital.

He added, “Our efforts to remove the bodies of the martyrs from Al-Shifa Complex failed.

“In turn, the director of the medical complex, Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiya, confirmed that the crews are working to dig a hole in the complex’s courtyard despite the many risks, to bury the bodies of the martyrs that have remained in the open air at the past four days.”

He stated that there are about 150 bodies in the hospital, and it is not known whether the grave that was dug using primitive means will accommodate them or not.

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