Rise in the number of Gaza martyrs to 13,000, including 5,500 children

The number of martyrs in Gaza has risen to over 13,000, including more than 5,500 children and 3,500 women, according to the government media office in Gaza.

Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al-Qidra, stated today, Sunday, that the occupation is committing further massacres in various areas of the Gaza Strip, adding that “these massacres are being committed to fulfill the occupation’s dream of forced displacement of the Strip’s residents.”

He further mentioned that the occupation is significantly increasing the number of casualties by disabling hospitals, stating that the occupation besieged Al-Shifa Medical Complex for 9 days and positioned snipers on its rooftops.

Additionally, the occupation raided Al-Shifa Complex, turning it into a military barracks and destroying its medical equipment, adding that he vandalized the medical complex without providing any evidence to support the brutal campaign launched against it.

He stated that the occupation requested the evacuation of Al-Shifa Complex, where there were 5,000 displaced people, 650 wounded, and patients, explaining that those who could move were evacuated, while the UN evacuated those who couldn’t move, numbering 191.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health pointed out that there are still 259 wounded individuals inside Al-Shifa Complex who cannot move, and their evacuation will be arranged later, emphasizing that the health situation requires the establishment of more field hospitals.

Al-Qidra highlighted that the large number of displaced people in hospitals obstructs their work, appealing, “We need urgent intervention from the UN to provide healthcare for the displaced.”

He confirmed that the health complications of the wounded are increasing due to their overcrowding in hospitals, indicating that burns and deep wounds require complete medical capabilities to save them.

He mentioned that the process of evacuating the wounded from the Gaza Strip is slow, and very few are able to leave, calling on the international community and UN institutions to swiftly intervene in order to save the hospitals.
He called for giving ambulances a chance to move into the sector to rescue the wounded.

The government media office in Gaza stated that more than 1,330 massacres have been committed by the occupation “army,” and the number of missing individuals has reached over 6,000.

Furthermore, the number of injuries has risen to over 30,000, with 75% of them being children and women, according to the government media office.

The government’s media office also confirmed that the number of destroyed government buildings reached 97, including 262 schools, of which 65 are out of service. The number of completely destroyed mosques reached 83.

According to correspondents, several massacres occurred today in different areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in dozens of martyrs due to the occupation’s shelling. These included the massacre of bombing a house in the Jabaliya Al-Balad area in northern Gaza, the targeting of a house in Al-Bureij Camp in central Gaza, the targeting of Amr Ibn Al-As School in Sheikh Radwan in the north of Gaza City, and the targeting of Al-Ihsan Mosque in Nuseirat in central Gaza.

Air strikes by the occupation also targeted the eastern part of Khan Yunis Province in southern Gaza.

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