Sana’a sets a date for bombing oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Sana’a sent a new message to the Saudi-Emirati coalition on Wednesday, coinciding with reports of an attack on its key bases in western Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Prominent Ansar Allah leader Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti warned the two countries of the dangers of engaging in a new alliance to attack Yemen.

After Sana’a decided to impose an embargo on Israel’s activities in the Red and Arabian Seas, Israel announced its desire to join a maritime alliance to safeguard its ships in those areas. This announcement prompted Al-Bukhaiti to make his comments.

During an interview with France 24, Al-Bukhaiti stated that if the two countries leading the war on Yemen for the past eight years were to participate, the attacks would not be limited to ships but would also include targeting oil fields and facilities in both countries.

Al-Bukhaiti’s statement came on the eve of reports of a missile attack targeting a UAE base on the island of Myoun in Bab Al-Mandeb with five ballistic missiles.

The base is considered one of the important bases along a major maritime passage around the world and is being prepared to serve as a base to counter Yemeni attacks against Israeli ships.

The base recently received Israeli warships as part of the escalation preparations on the western coast, following the failure of efforts to break the Yemeni blockade on Israel.

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