Yemen intercepts a naval convoy of three ships heading to Israel

Yesterday, the Yemeni navy intercepted a new convoy whose crossing was being arranged with an American-British-European military escort to Israel.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British maritime security company reported new incidents in the Red Sea.

The most notable incidents involved missiles falling near Emirati, Greek, and British cargo ships.

According to the British company, a bulk materials cargo ship flying the Marshall flag and owned by Greece reported a cruise missile falling to its right, about 68 miles from Hudaydah, parallel to the sailing of a chemical company belonging to the Emirates, which was about 50 miles from the western coast of Yemen. Maritime navigation tracking sites also showed the presence of a British oil tanker known as “Sky 1” about 60 miles away at the moment of the wide missile attack from Yemen.

In a new attempt to break the Yemeni blockade on Israel, according to navigation sources, the three ships were part of a naval convoy that was backed by American, Western, and British battleships.

This new attempt comes just a few days after the European Union completed the deployment of a new fleet in the Red Sea alongside the American and British fleets.

The interception of the convoy indicates Yemen’s continued thwarting of Western attempts to break the naval blockade on Israel.

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