Hezbollah reveals the targeting of the most advanced American radars at the most fortified Israeli bases

Hezbollah, the Lebanese party, revealed on Sunday its most dangerous military operations deep within the occupied territories for the first time since its participation in the Al-Aqsa flood last October.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The party’s war media released high-resolution video clips showing moments of its bombing of the largest fortified Israeli bases.

The images, broadcast by Al Jazeera, show moments of targeting the “Meiron” base with multiple types of more advanced missiles.

Among the missiles used in the attacks were the “Mase-3,” with a range of about 16 kilometers, in addition to infrared-guided missiles and others equipped with cameras.

Among the targets that were bombed inside the base and documented by cameras mounted on American radar missiles of the NTP Q37 type, the latest in the US defense system, valued at around 10 million dollars.

This system has the ability to detect shells and missiles at a distance of about 50 kilometers and requires approximately eight personnel to operate it.

It also possesses unprecedented advantages, including automatically directing Israeli attacks.

In addition to the radar, the targeting of drone control systems, the radar surveillance center, and the base’s operations headquarters were documented.

The Al Jazeera report revealed that the base was targeted several days ago.

The base is considered the most important for the occupation in the northern front, which has faced recent days of failure by the defense systems in intercepting Lebanese attacks, in addition to reducing the occupation’s attacks within Lebanese territory.

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