Disagreements threaten the European mission in the Red Sea

The scope of disagreements among Western countries widened on Tuesday with a new member withdrawing from the European mission in the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Western diplomatic sources reported that Belgium’s decision to withdraw its only frigate from the European mission was due to disagreements over the leadership and objectives of the European fleet in the Red Sea.

The European mission confirmed in a tweet on its social media page the decision of Belgium to withdraw the frigate “Louise-Marie” less than a month after its deployment in the Red Sea as part of the European mission.

Sources explained that the Belgian decision came in response to the transfer of the European fleet’s command from Italy to the Netherlands, which had previously withdrawn its only destroyer from there.

Italy’s presidency of the European military mission in the Red Sea ended just a few days after joining the US-UK alliance in the aggression against Yemen by deploying an aircraft carrier alongside the “Eisenhower.”

Western countries are experiencing disagreements regarding the objectives of the mission, with some arguing for its defensive nature only, while others support the American escalation.

The American withdrawal from the Red Sea has further intensified the crisis among European countries, as most of them fear the possibility of Yemeni attacks against European warships.

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