Israeli soldiers use Palestinians as human shields

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor revealed that the Israeli occupation army uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, forcing some of them to carry out military actions that endanger their lives at real risk.

Follow-ups-Alkhabar Al-Yemeni:

The Observatory said in a statement Monday that it had documented dozens of cases showing the occupation army’s widespread use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.

The army has forced civilians into buildings or tunnels, searched for potential explosives or tunnels, and detained them in homes and locations in areas of clashes, endangering their lives, he said.

The statement added that the “horrific scenes” broadcast by Al Jazeera reflect brutal and inhumane behavior by the occupation army, and are a flagrant violation of the rules of war and international humanitarian law.

The Observatory stressed that these scenes and similar cases call for urgent action by the international justice system to ensure the protection of civilians and prevent their use as human shields.

The Observatory called for accountability at the Israeli political and military level for these serious crimes, stressing the need to activate international judicial accountability to achieve justice for victims in accordance with the Rome Statute, which considers the use of civilians as human shields a war crime under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

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