Brigadier General Al-Atifi and Al-Ghamari: We eagerly await engaging in a decisive battle that will make our enemies regret missing the opportunity

Minister of Defense Brigadier Mohammed Al-Atifi and Chief of General Staff Brigadier Mohammed Al-Ghamari affirmed on Sunday that “the military institution possesses capabilities that can inflict pain on the enemies.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a congratulatory message to the leader of Ansar Allah, Brigadier Al-Atifi and Al-Ghamari stated, “We eagerly await your guidance to engage in a decisive battle that will make the enemies regret wasting the opportunities for peace that were within their reach.”

They indicated that “the armed forces are fully prepared to execute all the tasks entrusted to them in defense of the religion of Allah, sovereignty, national decision-making, and the issues of our nation, foremost among them the Palestinian cause.” They emphasized that if the enemies “persist in their transgression, they will encounter nothing but the blaze of war and its woes from the Yemeni armed forces.”

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