Deployment of an “Unarmed” German frigate in the Red Sea

Germany confirmed on Tuesday a change in the European strategy in the Red Sea, following exchanged messages between Sana’a and the Union.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

German media reported that Berlin has redeployed an unarmed frigate in the Red Sea.

The newspaper “Norddeutscher Rundfunk” quoted the crew of the ship “Hamburg” as saying that they have been directed to return to the Red Sea to participate in the European Union’s mission there, known as “Aspides.”

The crew stated that the frigate is not equipped to counter air attacks and does not even have radar to detect ballistic missiles and is primarily intended for surveillance only and repelling pirates.

The crew described the mission as “suicidal.”

Germany had withdrawn a short time ago from participating in the European mission operations in the Red Sea following the engagement of Italy, the mission’s leader, in the American-British escalation.

The deployment of the “unarmed” frigate indicates Berlin’s attempt to show commitment to its partners in the European Union. The timing of its deployment in the Red Sea also indicates an attempt to capitalize on the recent positive messages from Sana’a to the Union, which emerged with the EU’s foreign affairs coordinator taking over the Red Sea file while confirming the military failure of the mission, and the subsequent speech by the leader of Ansar Allah, who affirmed that the Yemeni forces did not target European battleships in the Red Sea, despite its participation in attempts to counter the attacks, not to mention his description of the operations of some battleships as only securing its ships.

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