America officially ends its military influence in the Red Sea

The US officially ended its military influence in the Red Sea on Tuesday, after decades of dominance over the region’s most important maritime passages.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command announced the transfer of command responsibilities of Joint Task Force 154, stationed in the Red Sea, to Egypt.

Central Command attached the moment of the US Fifth Fleet Commander’s handover of command duties to Egyptian Brigadier General Haitham Khalil.

The transfer of command of the Joint Task Force in the Red Sea to Egypt comes weeks after the US decided to withdraw its battleships, including the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower,” from the Red Sea. This decision came after a series of Yemeni attacks and its failure to deploy a substitute for it in light of Yemeni threats to target it.

This US move indicates Washington’s conviction of the impossibility of regaining its military influence in the Red Sea and is now attempting to assign the task of protecting its ships to Egypt, one of several Red Sea countries that previously refused to join the American-British alliance to protect Israeli occupation in the Red Sea.

It also indicates to its desire to continue managing the situation through a third party until the reasons for escalation, represented by the Gaza war, come to an end.

Combined Force 154 is one of several teams established by the US Fifth Fleet to bolster its influence in the region and is the latest in a series of alliances comprising approximately 44 countries. This is the first time Egypt has assumed command of the task force since its establishment last year.

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