Euro-Med: Israeli forces injected Palestinian detainees with unknown substances

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, stated it has received new testimonies from recently released Palestinian detainees, confirming ongoing systematic commission of severe torture and inhumane treatment against thousands of Palestinian civilians in Israeli prisons and detention centers.

According to Euro-Med, the Israeli occupation army has forcibly injected Palestinian detainees, who were kidnapped during the war on Gaza, with unknown substances, leaving scars and distinctive marks on their bodies.

It added that Israel practices killing, rape, and other forms of sexual violence and torture against detainees and prisoners.

The Euro-Med called on international justice institutions and the global community to break their silence, express strong stances, and take serious steps regarding the revealed brutal torture, discrimination, collective revenge, and dehumanization suffered by Palestinian civilians, both men and women.

In its report, the Euro-Med emphasized the urgent need to compel Israel to end all its crimes against Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

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