Mutual assassinations for prisoners in Aden and Shabwa, south of Yemen

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The Yemeni government forces residing in exile and allied with the Yemeni Rally of Islah party (the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen), and the southern Emirati-backed Transitional Council expand Monday, their violations against detainees in their own prisons leading to murder.
Special- Yemeni News:
While the city of Aden recorded the death of an inmate in a prison for the Southern Transitional Council, a similar incident was recorded in Shabwa, but in the prison of government and Muslim Brotherhood.
Local sources in Aden reported that the Southern Transitional Council forces transported a body from the Fifth Brigade camp on the northern outskirts of Aden to a hospital refrigerator in the city
then It turned out later that the body belonged to a young man from the area of Bir Ahmed named Mazen Ahmed Salem, the Transitional Forces detained him a few days ago.
The photographs circulating of the dead show horrific signs of torture on his body, and handcuffed. This is not the first crime committed against detainees in transitional prisons, supervised by the Emirates. Dozens of cases of activists and preachers of mosques had already been recorded, and they ended up dead, under torture, International organizations have documented their cases. Most notably, the international amnesty that previously called for the trial of UAE, In addition to the team of international experts charged with investigating human rights violations in Yemen.
On the other hand, human rights sources in Shabwa revealed Monday, The killing of the young man, named YaSlam Saeed Bin Habtoor, A day after his arrest by the government forces and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Azan district.

The Southern Transitional Council earlier accused brotherhood forces that imposes its control on the oil province since last August after fights with the elite, loyal to the Emirates, to practice torture and violations against prisoners.

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