Sana’a: doesn’t exclude changes in the genes of H1N1 virus in the war against Yemenis

Health minister in the Yemeni government in Sana’a dr, Taha Al-Mutawakkil, said that, it does not exclude changes in genes of swine flu virus (H1N1) within a hostile act against the Yemenis.

Sana’a- alkhabaralyemeni:

Dr. Al-Mutawakkil confirmed that some cases infected with the virus do not respond to treatment.

The Minister of Health noted that Sana’a had sent samples to international laboratories to diagnose the virus.

In the same context, the Undersecretary of the ministry Mohamed Al-Mansour indicated that cases of H1N1 flu had occurred in the last 3 months reached to 1952 during the month of October and 94 deaths cases, and the sure numbers of H1N1 19 cases.

Al-Mansour pointed out that the number of suspected cases of dengue fever reached 20,300 cases during the month of December, and Dengue deaths reached 68 cases this December in the governorates of Al Hudaydah, Hajjah, Aden, Lahj, Shabwah, Marib and Rima.

“Almansour added that, dengue fever during this current December reached to 2498 children under five 16 of them died, representing 24% of deaths.

The World Health Representative in Sana’a, Altaf Musani,” said that 6945 cases of seasonal flu have been recorded in Yemen, and 113 thousands cases recorded in the middle east area, while 2,6 million cases have recorded in America.

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