A secret Emirati prison on the sea to arrest Yemeni fishermen

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The Minister of Fishery wealth in the Sana’a government, Muhammad al-Zubayri, said that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is using an Emirati ship as a floating prison at sea to detain Yemeni fishermen.
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Al-Zubayri stated in a statement to Al-Masirah channel that they submitted more than one complaint to international organizations.
He added that his ministry, along with the Coast Guard, formed a joint committee to follow up the file of the fishermen’s detention.

The Minister earlier condemned the arbitrary acts against the Yemeni fishermen, They are detained in Eritrean prisons, calling for an end to Emirati piracy in the Red Sea, Hijacking fishing boats and was taken to the Eritrean port of Assab.
Al-Zubayri pointed out that the Eritrean authorities are practicing arbitrary detention against Yemeni fishermen in violation of the joint fishing agreement signed between the two countries.
He pointed out that 78 fishermen from Eritrean prisons were recently realsed by an Emirati ship in the international corridor near the territorial waters of Eritrea.
The minister stated that the Emirati ship is responsible for arresting the Yemeni fishermen. It is named Abu Dhabi, and is driving by Eritrean and Janjaweed Sudanese soldiers. It is chasing Yemeni fishermen and taking them with their ships to Eritrea, where the Emirates have a military base there, as is well known.

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