Shabwa Oil Governorate in the Southern Yemen is the scene of a clash between coalition-backed forces

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Shabwa Governorate, in southern Yemen, witnessed new developments in the framework of the struggle to control most important oil and gas governorates in Yemen.
Local sources said that the forces of UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council attacked a camp belonging to the Yemeni government residing in exile, allied with Islah Party, “the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen” in the district of Markhath Al-Sufli.
While these militias continued to chase the transitional elements.
The attack targeted with mortar shells, Khumumah camp. It was also followed by an exchange of fire by all types of weapons.
The southern transitional council factions known as the “Southern Resistance” indicated that they carried out the attack after the arrival of military reinforcements from Ma’rib Governorate, which is controlled by government and Muslim Brotherhood.
Southern Resistance indicated that they was able to inflict material and human losses.
This attack is not the first of its kind, as these factions have been adopted over the past months that followed the fall of the province in the hands of the government forces and the Brotherhood with dozens of operations.
On the other hand, Hadi forces continued to pursue members of the “UAE-backed Shabwani elite” in Mayfa’a on the line leading to the headquarters of the Emirati forces in Belhaf Oil Directorate.

Sources in the Transitional Council said that the forces of “the government and the Brotherhood” arrested the soldier in Shabwania elite Ali Mohsen al-Ja`ab in Jawl al-Raida area of Mayfa` district.
Over the past few days, this region has witnessed new moves for the Emirates who tried to secure the headquarters of its forces in Balhaf by deploying elements of the elite loyal to it, Along the line between Belhaf and Joul El-Reid.
This area was also subjected to air strikes, earlier, after “Ela” stormed the homes and stores of leaders affiliated with the Emirates.
These developments coincide with the coalition’s arrangements start to separate the oil province from the transitional and the “Hadi government allied with the Brotherhood” by supporting the establishment of independent entities from the people of the province.

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