What if Anssarallah were really terrorists

اخترنا لك

روسي يقتل زوجته الحامل لأنها لم تقل له “مرحبا “

أقدم رجل روسي 25 عاماً طعن زوجته الحامل البالغة من العمر 30 عاما بسكين لتموت هي وجنينها متابعات- الخبر اليمني...

سلامة المنشآت النفطية في مأرب وخيارات صنعاء

أكرم عبدالفتاح: النقطة الحرجة في معركة مأرب هي ضمان سلامة منشآت الطاقة؛ حقول إنتاج النفط والغاز، مصفاة صافر النفطية، محطة...

“لجين الهذلول” تتحدى النظام السعودي وتطالب بإنصافها ممن قام بتعذيبها

طالبت الناشطة السعودية المطالبة بحقوق الإنسان في المملكة سلطات بلادها بإنصافها ممن قام بتعذيبها  متابعات خاصة-الخبر اليمني:   وقالت علياء الهذلول شقيقة...

What if we were truly “terrorists” according to the American characterization? Would the southern Red Sea region have lived in a state of calm, except for the troublesome ships and warships of the aggression coalition that watch every small and large heading towards the Yemeni coast?

Was Bab al-Mandab still open to navigation? Moreover, would the Saudi enemy have been reassured to continue with its large economic projects and investments? Were the Emirati enemy going to move forward in building its economy and expanding its influence? Was it a large number of mercenaries, and we mean here the traitorous agent leaders, who could move from one region to another? Would the American warships, ships, and all American interests in the region remain safe?

What if we were indeed, as they say, “terrorists” and among us were tens of thousands of brave fighters, which they can cross the impossible to harm the enemy outside and within the national geography, no limits will stop these heroes, no restrictions will curb their movements, and no weapons, no matter how powerful and accurate, will impede their march, and then the death that the enemies wanted for our dear country and our great people will hang over the entire region, from the palaces of Al-Saud family to the hotels of Zayed sons and from the Gulf ports to all Red Sea coasts.

Someone might say that Yemen possesses ballistic and winged missiles, in addition to tens if not mentioning hundreds of marches that are capable of causing a violent shock in the region. They can all, at a certain moment, be harnessed in an all-out battle, whose objectives extend to the Arabian Bahrain, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, it may even extend beyond that, in addition to everything that we can target it in the areas under the control of the Saudi enemy, along that geography and its width, without any restrictions or any criteria.

But that didn’t happen? the fact that the armed forces are fully aware of their tasks nature, and it determines the appropriate way to achieve its goals, within its battle for freedom and independence, while leaving the opportunity for the enemy to review his accounts, hoping to reach a conclusion, the implication is that whoever failed during six years of aggression and siege will only gain more failure and defeat in the coming period

The defensive war waged by the fighters may Allah protect them and take care of them wherever, it expresses on a solid Yemeni will that emerged from principles, and from firm values of faith affirm that we are in a position, to defend our country and our people, and it is a position that cannot be left, whatever the descriptions and the classifications. Defense on homelands is a sacred duty that is not subject to American standards, Israeli conditions, British commandments, or Saudi temptations.

What if Yemenis are terrorists? They would have been making today their way to the kingdoms of money and wealth, Yemen will not starve and it is next to all this great wealth, Yemen will not die and it still possesses all the cards from a people that can move at any moment across the artificial borders and fabricated obstacles. Then these enemies will have nothing but submission and surrender, however, this people is facing from a position of dignity and stand up from a position of pride

They sacrifices from the position of faith, and exercises his legitimate right to defend himself in ways and methods that are consistent with principles and values. Within the project of freedom and independence to become an independent state, has its own independent decision, far from tutelage and domination, living in equal relations with everyone, and  Allah will do whatever he wishes.

This article originally published at the official website of the Sana’a forces loyal to the Houthis’ government.

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