American Operation in Saudi- Yemeni Border

United States continued its pressure on Saudi Arabia regarding Yemen, indicating to the existence of agenda conflict through which America is trying to pressure Riyadh to tip its hand.

US forces carried out a ground military operation, the first of its kind, deep in the Saudi border.

Tribal sources in Hadhramaut valley bordering Saudi Arabia said that a unit of American Marines carried out an operation in Wadi Sir of Cutton Directorate.

Noting that the operation targeted al-Qaeda black box, which Saudi intelligence was prepared it as a leader of the organization, a replacement for the current Khaled Batarfi.

The leader, Qaboos bin Talib, who was arrested last week in Hadramout, was transferred to an American warship stationed off the eastern coast of Yemen.

The timing and location of the operation indicate that United States, which is pressing on Saudi Arabia to stop the war, in a way that gives Washington the upper hand, is trying to cracking down on the Kingdom, which is trying to escape from Washington’s grip to stop the war according to American agenda.

The arrest of Bin Talib will reveal many of files that remained obscure and has been managed with Saudi Arabia for a private agenda, according to certain accounts with the organization that considered the most prominent factions fighting in the ranks of the Saudi-Emirati alliance.

Saudi media ignored the operation, unlike the Emirati one, who celebrated by the operation, which indicates Saudi anger at the American move that does not serve Saudi’s war on Yemen.

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