Sana’a Forces Control Al-Qaeda Sites in Al-Baidha

Houthis’ forces declared on Monday completed the control of the areas of Al-Zahir Al Humiqan in Al-Baidha, province, during the battles it fought against al-Qaeda elements and the Saudi-led coalition.

According to local sources, the Sana’a forces launched a counter-military attack towards the strongholds of Al-Qaeda in the village of Al-Zahir, and took over the sites of Al-Qirba, Al-Yazid and Al-Shabaka.

Several leaders and emirs of al-Qaeda organization were killed on Monday including the leader Saleh Belsin during battles in al-Zahir village of Al-Baidha, province over the past hours, local sources said.

The sources said that al-Qaeda militiamen and coalition’s troops inflicted heavy losses during confrontations with the Yemeni army in al-Zahir Al Humaiqan front.

The sources declared that the emir Saleh Belsin was the commander of “Al-Najm Al-Thaqib” battle which coalition’s forces announced on last Friday.

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