Including Three Emirs, 13 Al-Qaeda Operatives Killed in Al-Baidha

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At least 13 members of Al-Qaeda organizations members, including emirs were killed, by the fire of Sana’a forces, during battles with Saudi-led coalition forces and Al-Qaeda in Al-Souma’a Front, east of Al-Baidha province, local sources reported on Friday.

Al-Qaeda members and the coalition forces suffered heavy losses in life and equipment during the control of the Sana’a forces over many Al-Qaeda sites in Al-Souma front, the sources explained.

Among the Al-Qaeda dead were “Yazid al-Awlaqi,” emir of the so-called military wing of Al-Qaeda militants in Shabwa province, “Shorih Al-Qadi,” foreign relations official of Al-Qaeda, and “Abu al-Hassan Al-Ebbi”, a leader in the terrorist organization.

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