Sana’a Calls on UN to Reveal Obstructing Party to Stockholm Agreement

Head of Sana’a redeployment team General Staff Major General Ali Hamoud Al-Mushki, stressed the importance of declaring the hindering party to the Stockholm Agreement by the United Nations.

This came during his meeting Monday with Head of the United Nations Mission to Support Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA), General Abhijit Guha, and Head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Auke Lootsma , in the presence of Director of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Brigadier Ali Sofra, and members of the national redeployment team.

Major General Al-Mushki also called for clarifying the facts to the international community about the Saudi-led coalition’s prevention of the introduction of mine-detection devices in light of the inability of the demining teams to carry out their duties as a result of the obsolescence and malfunction of the devices and the lack of capabilities.

He pointed to the presence of thousands of internationally-prohibited missiles and cluster bombs, which the coalition dropped in various regions throughout the Republic of Yemen, and are now threatening the population and thousands of children and women in farms, roads and grazing places.

With regard to the redeployment process, Major General Al-Mushki confirmed that the national party is keen to spare bloodshed and had implemented what is related to it in the first phase of the redeployment from the ports of Hodeida, while the other party refuses to implement its obligations in light of the silence of the United Nations and its mission in Hodeida.

He called on the United Nations to declare a position on the mobilization by the other party in Hodeida and bringing terrorists and ISIS elements to the western coast, and its reflection on the security of the international shipping lane.

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