Mocha: 700 of Coalition Recruits Expelled

اخترنا لك

UAE-backed Tariq Saleh forces have expelled 700 recruits from the citizens of Taiz and Ibb provinces over the last 24 hours in al-Mocha city, YPA reported on Monday.

According to local sources, one of leaders of training pillar in Tariq forces, Mohammed al-Qawsi, expelled the recruits, who accused him of cutting their salaries and deducting large sums of money.

The sources indicated that Al-Qousi directed to down the names of the dead recruits from the list of salaries and replaced them with others from the citizens of Sana’a and Amran.

Severe tension is escalating among the UAE-funded military formations stationed in the coastal city of Mocha on the Red Sea.

أحدث العناوين

أول توثيق يمني لتاريخ الصراع اليمني السعودي.. صدور كتاب الحروب اليمنية السعودية

صدر مؤخراً كتاب الحروب اليمنية السعودية والدور البريطاني للباحث عبدالله بن عامر حيث يتناول الكتاب الصراع اليمني السعودي منذ...

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