Emirati – Israeli – American Accounts Confuse “Legitimacy” in Yemen

The traditional “legitimacy” parties represented by Hadi, Islah and Mohsen alliance are still in a state of real shock as Tariq Saleh, the leader of the pro-Emirati factions, continues to evacuate his forces’ positions on the western coast, specifically, the city of Hodeidah, amid an uncharacteristic controversy over motives.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

In 2018, Hadi government agreed to conclude the Stockholm Agreement, one of the rare agreements in the course of the solution negotiations in Yemen led by former envoy Martin Griffiths. The agreement focused on Hodeida city, and the goal for “legitimacy” was to drown Tariq Saleh, the new pressing matter on this component after it fled from Sana’a, in a new quagmire, ends its ambition to expand at its expense.

Despite its success over the past years, Tariq was placed between the pincers of Islah in the countryside of Taiz and “Houthis” in Hodeida, and drained his forces. However, his sudden step to withdraw from this strategic region shuffled its cards and confused its calculations.

Especially since Tariq, who preempted the withdrawal by talking about his discussion on the repetition of the agreement in Marib with UN envoy to Yemen, exceeding the limits of the agreement, which requires the withdrawal of forces to only ten kilometers, his forces have evacuated their positions over a distance of more than 100 kilometers, according to the commander of Tariq’s media team, Kamel Al-Khouthani, Indications on the ground, in light of the news of the evacuation of Al Khawkhah, confirm that the distance is much greater than that. Not to mention Tariq, who claimed to abide by the agreement, did not inform the “legitimacy” that signed the agreement, in a statement, its team participating in Hodeida negotiations confirmed that it was not aware of what was going on, not to mention the international team, which also announced its monitoring of what was happening, acknowledging that it was not knowing what was going on.

In general, Tariq Saleh’s withdrawal coincided with the Israeli – Emirati – American maneuvers in the Red Sea, it indicates that it has dimensions related to these countries that seek to seize Bab al-Mandab and leave the rest of the areas outside their control, amid Emirati attempts to rapprochement with Iran to mediate with the “Houthis” after Saudi Arabia failed to do so, at least, to conclude this time an agreement from two regions, south and north, the withdrawal from Hodeida, as well as the evacuation of Saudi forces from Aden, Mahrah and Shabwah, may be an attempt to prove goodwill, especially after Hassan Nasrallah emphasized in his last speech on the need to end the war and siege, amid Sanaa’s forces adhere to the option of leaving foreign forces.

Whatever the motives for the recent withdrawal from the coastal fronts, “legitimacy” parties, especially Islah, are now the most concerned in light of the repositioning of Tariq’s forces on the fronts on their borders, amidst arrangements to control Shabwah and Abyan, all the way to Wadi Hadramaut.

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