Oil Ministry Calls on Foreign Oil Companies to Commitment to Circulars from Sana’a

Pro-Houthis Minister of Oil and Minerals, Ahmed Daris, called on all foreign oil companies operating in Yemen to abide by the production sharing agreement and the circulars issued by Sanaa government.

The minister said, during a press conference held in Sanaa, that Sanaa non-acceptance of any measures taken through the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government about illegal settlements in some sectors.

He pointed out that several memorandums were sent from Sanaa to companies operating in Yemen committing to participate in production, and pay their debts to the state in the account of the central bank in Sanaa.

Daris explained Sanaa held the Hadi government responsible for wasting more than 200 million dollars of the total of these illegal settlements.

The Minister revealed that the production of crude oil by oil companies in the sectors out of the Sanaa government’s control for 2018 until November 2021 amounted to 108,275000 barrels, with more than seven and a half billion dollars.

He pointed out that with these stolen amounts were enough to pay paid the salaries of the employees and alleviating the living burdens on the of employees and citizens.

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