HRW: Saudi Coalition Killing, Wounding Hundreds of Civilians in Yemen

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Human Rights Watch accused the countries of the Saudi -UAE coalition of launching attacks on Yemen in recent months that resulted in the killing and wounding of hundreds of civilians in Yemen.

In reference to the coalition’s war crimes in the Libyan neighborhood of Sana’a, The Reserve Prison in Sa’ada, and the Communications Corporation in the cities of Al-Mahwit and Hodeidah, a joint statement with Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, the organization said: “The coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE launched three attacks in Yemen in late January (2022 AD), in violation of the laws of war.”

The statement added that the raids led to the death of about dozens of civilians, including children, and the injury of hundreds, including two children.

The statement added that one of the raids used laser-guided missiles on a detention prison in Sa’ada, northern Yemen, killing and wounding dozens, in a crime that may reach to war crimes against humanity.

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