Al-Beidh Warns of Revolution of Hungry in Southern Provinces

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The son of former Yemeni president Ali Salem Al-Beidh and political analyst residing in the UAE, on Saturday launched a sharp attack on the Riyadh-backed Presidential Council, warning of “a revolution of empty bellies” in the southern provinces.

“People can only rise with a government of institutions and clean competencies, a government that searches for opportunities to develop its performance and makes real efforts to improve people’s conditions, a government that liberates itself from corruption and gets out of the circles of suspicion,” Hani Al-Beidh said in a series of tweets on Twitter.

He added that any society respects the government as far as it provides the requirements of life, job opportunities, services, and security. “Nothing forces people to endure absurdity and to be patient over falsehood and chaos for years in vain.”

Al-Beidh affirmed, “If the situation continues with this performance and deterioration, without achieving any progress and in the shadow of unconcern, then the revolution of the hungry is definitely coming.”

He pointed out that providing food, security services, electricity, water, health, quality education and job opportunities is a natural entitlement for the people.

Al-Beidh explained that the anger of the masses is coming, and the revolution of empty stomachs awaits the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition and its presidential council.

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