International Moves in Taiz, Muscat and Tehran to Save Truce in Yemen

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The United Nations intensified on Monday, its actions in the Yemeni file, in an attempt to save the truce, especially with regard to entitlements to open roads.

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A UN delegation arrived in Taiz, led by the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen. During its meeting with officials of the de-facto authority in the city, the delegation revealed a round of discussions led by the international envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, regarding the opening of the city’s ports, and local sources reported that the delegation, which said it was focusing on humanitarian plans, would discuss with the pro-coalition authority in the city new proposals regarding opening roads.

The visit of the UN delegation to Taiz coincided with news on the arrival of the international envoy to Amman, trying to meet Sana’a delegation residing there and discuss the road file, all these moves come in the wake of the UN Secretary-General call, Antonio Guterres, with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian. According to Iranian media, discussions centered on Yemen file and the armistice. Grodenberg’s visit indicates Guterres’ failure to obtain Iranian commitments, especially since the envoy had previously left Sana’a without announcing the results.

The UN envoy is trying to add more progress to his career ahead of his expected briefing tomorrow evening to the Security Council, which is expected to hold its regular session on Yemen, However, the entitlements of the armistice declined in light of the news about the suspension of flights to Sana’a Airport and the file of roads and salaries, complicating its path in the possibility of achieving more penetration.

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