UN Envoy Hopes to Establish Comprehensive Peace in Yemen

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The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, expressed his hope that the UN-mediated truce would to establish comprehensive peace in Yemen.

In an interview with France-Presse Agency, Grundberg said that the extension of the additional two-month truce in Yemen would give the people hope that the situation could come back to normal, considering the extension a first step on the path to a broader peace agreement.

He affirmed that the truce gave the people an unprecedented humanitarian respite in the history of war and breathing space to engage in a political settlement.”

“The armistice allowed us to take steps to restore life” in part to the Yemeni people, “and I think that this matter is important, but also symbolic,” Grundberg added.

The UN envoy expressed his hope that this return to normal life would not be limited to the return of flights to Sana’a airport.

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