New Collapse of Currency as Central Bank of Aden Raising Price of Dollar

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Foreign exchange rates jumped in Aden, on Tuesday with the announcement of the Central Bank to raise the exchange rates of the dollar in a move that may exacerbate the situation in the city, which is witnessing unprecedented congestion due to the collapse of the currency and the deterioration of services.
According to banking sources, the exchange rates of the dollar in the local market in Aden, during the transactions of the past hours, approached the barrier of 1200 riyals. The currency expected to deteriorate further in the coming hours.
The Central Bank in Aden had announced earlier today that the exchange rates of the dollar had been raised to approximately 1,102 riyals, during the sale of a new batch of foreign exchange about 30 million dollars.
This is the first time that the dollar has reached this far since the formation of a new central bank body.
The rise of the dollar coincided with a political movement of the transitional, in which he promised to work on stabilizing the currency, the provision of services carries, in its content, targeting the Council and bringing it down in the eyes of its supporters, who were expecting a breakthrough in the wake of the National Assembly meeting.

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