Number of Defectors from Coalition Risen to 20,000 Fighters

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Dozens of defectors from Saudi-Emirati coalition have arrived in the capital, Sana’a, on Sunday, returning from the West Coast Front, benefiting from the “general amnesty decision” launched by Sana’a years ago, and it allows those who fight on the side of the alliance to return with their personal weapon.

“The official in the Fifth Military Region, Brigadier General, Riyadh Balthi,” welcomed the 33 returnees to Sana’a, considering that “the decision to return to family, a step in the right direction.” especially after the spread of temptations and means of deception, which the countries of aggression use with the deceived to prevent them from returning to their families and their homeland,” according to the source.

Brigadier General Balthi revealed that “the number of returnees has increased to 20,000 during the last period, especially after coordinating their return on the number designated for returnees 176, and secure their access to their areas with ease.” While he urged those whom he described as “deceived” to take advantage of the “general amnesty decision before it is too late, and the opportunity is still available.”

The returnees said that “there are many non-commissioned officers, officers and individuals on several fronts on the western coast, who wish to return to the homeland by taking advantage of the general amnesty decision,” according to the source.

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