SPC: Coalition’s Failure to Abide by Truce Does Not Encourage Its Renewal

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President of pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, affirmed on Wednesday that the Saudi coalition’s failure to implement all the terms of the armistice is a negative sign that does not encourage the discussion of its renewal.

The Council pointed out that the correct basis for any peace process in the future is to stop the war and lift the siege on Yemen, starting with the complete and immediate opening of Sana’a International Airport and the port of Hodeida, and the payment of employee salaries from oil and gas revenues.

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According to Sana’a-based Saba agency, the (SPC) stressed that the implementation of these steps is one of the main important and basic issues to alleviate the suffering of citizens as a result of the war and the siege.

In the meeting, the Council dealt with the results of the talks being held by the Military Committee in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on opening roads, foremost of which are the roads leading to the city of Taiz.

The Council renewed its condemnation of the other party’s reluctance to open roads in Taiz and other provinces, noting that the opening of Al-Hoban Road requires the evacuation of the city of Taiz from the armed militias, which the Saudi-backed forces avoid.

In this regard, the SPC confirmed that it is studying the opening of a number of roads in Taiz unilaterally and that it will not accept that the days of Eid pass and citizens continue to suffer in the event of the continued intransigence of the side of the Saudi coalition and its rejection of what Sana’a offered.

In addition, the meeting reviewed the economic reports and discussed the various difficulties that the country is facing a result of the blockade and war, foremost of which is the rise in the prices of oil derivatives.

In this context, the Council welcomed any practical proposals from any company or entity capable of contributing to alleviating the suffering of citizens and breaking the monopoly of the countries of Saudi coalition to sell oil and provide oil derivatives to citizens at lower prices than the existing ones.

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