Anssarallah Leader: Coalition Tried to Take Control of Al-Jawf to Plunder Its Oil

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The leader of “Anssarallah” Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi said on Wednesday that Saudi-Emirati coalition focused on Al-Jawf province in an attempt to control it, knowing that it is “rich in oil and wants to plunder its capabilities to hinder its renaissance.”

Al-Houthi mentioned during his meeting with the dignitaries and people of Al-Jawf, when the coalition appointed a governor in Al-Jawf, it appointed a Saudi officer next to him to be the decision-maker, he added that the coalition “wanted the outsider to determine the decision of Yemen, for Saudi Arabia and UAE and their American and Israeli successors.”

He stressed, “The enemy is focusing on targeting the province for security by creating crises between its tribes and sons.” Pointing out that he does not want “to establish security for the people of Al-Jawf so that they do not devote themselves to the agricultural and urban renaissance.”

The Anssarallah commander indicated that the Saudi-Emirati coalition targets Al-Jawf, by spreading and trafficking in drugs, as well as the rest of the governorates.

He called for “combining society’s efforts to renounce all drug and hashish stores and to raise awareness of the issue seriousness.”

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi added that “the occupation has been defeated in Al-Jawf province, it came as a result of the honorable and loyal stance of the province people.” in reference to its “liberation” and the control of Sana’a forces over it in 2020.

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