Saudi Arabia Officially Reveals Scenes of Forces Deployment in Aden

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A Saudi official revealed on Thursday, the motives for his country’s deployment of new alternative factions to the Transitional Forces in Aden, southern Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with a widespread debate about the Saudi move and the position of the transitional, the de-facto authority.

Abdullah Al Hatila, assistant editor-in-chief of the official Okaz newspaper, said: until the deployment of new factions that came within the arrangements, it was not clear whether it was for the return of Al-Alimi, or in the context of his country’s attempt to find a parallel force for the transitional.

He also confirmed in a tweet on his official page on social sites the approval of the transitional and all forces loyal to his country on that.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia deployed a large force of factions affiliated with Islah and Hadi which was re-incorporated under the name of “The Brigade of Happy Yemen”.

These forces entered Aden at dawn on Tuesday raising the flags of Yemen, accompanied by Saudi helicopters.

And the batch that includes more than 200 armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers, part of a large force that is being equipped in Al-Abr area within the scheme of handing over Aden to the opponents of the transitional and expelling its factions from it, which has already begun to leave the city under the name of combating terrorism in Abyan, Lahij and Shabwah.

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