Houthis Officials Blame Saudi Coalition for Obstructing Truce

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Member of the Political Bureau of Anssarallah, Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, said on Monday that the seizure of fuel ships by the Saudi-led coalition is a violation of the UN-brokered truce and it assures the Yemeni people that countries of the coalition are not serious about achieving peace.

“There is no justification for preventing the entry of oil derivatives into Yemen, even if the war is raging, let alone preventing them during a truce, which entry of fuel ships is one of most important terms,” Al-Bukhaiti said in a tweet on his account on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Member of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, held countries of the Saudi-led coalition responsible for obstructing of the UN-brokered truce and the possibility of a return to the conflict in Yemen.

“Whoever leads the war leads the peace and attributing understandings of the truce to the Al-Alimi Council is itself obstruction and evasion of responsibility,” Al-Ajri said in a tweet on his account on Twitter.

This Council, with its feisty composition, is a disruption tool. They [Saudi-backed forces] do not agree on one thing between them as well as agreement with others, he added.

The countries of the coalition bear the responsibility for obstructing the course of the truce and the possibility of a return to conflict, he stated.

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