Sana’a Forces Calls Investors to Leave Saudi Arabia, UAE

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Spokesman of Sana’a forces in, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarie, on Tuesday evening called on investors in the Saudi-led coalition countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to seize the opportunity to leave from the two countries.

Sarie said in a tweet on Twitter Tuesday evening, addressing the investors “Brother, investor, in order to ensure that you do not lose more, you must transfer your investment from ‘an aggressor country’ to another, because investing in it is fraught with risks, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as the opportunity is still available to leave.”

The humanitarian and military truce in Yemen was obstructed by the coalition countries, which refused to respond to Sanaa’s demands to pay the salaries of employees and retirees, allow flights agreed upon from and to Sana’a Airport, and stop the detention of the fuel and essential goods ships and preventing them from access to Hodeida port under the armistice agreement, which lasted for six months under the auspices of the United Nations.

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