Saudi Approval on Demands to Extend Armistice in Yemen

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday, a new position with the negotiations to extend the armistice, in an attempt to prevent the situation from erupting militarily. Saudi Arabia summoned the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg.

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, said that during his meeting with Grodenberg, he affirmed his country’s continued support for the United Nations’ efforts to extend and expand the armistice. He referred to the two sides’ discussion of what he described as the benefits that will be achieved during the armistice and the benefits in the international envoy’s proposals.

Saudi Arabia’s methods of UN mediation came again with indications of an expected military escalation in Yemen after Sana’a’s interaction with the announcement of Aden government, it raised the combat readiness of its factions, amid anticipation of a military response from Sana’a.

Saudi Arabia fears that the congested situation will explode at any moment in light of the continued failure of efforts to extend the armistice in Yemen and the prompting of local, regional and international parties to explode the situation in order to defy Saudi Arabia.

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