Saudi Forces Committed Massacre Against Yemeni Migrants

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The former leader of the “Southern Resistance” residing in Turkey, Adel al-Hassani, published a video that included confessions of a survivor of a massacre committed by the Saudi army against Yemeni migrants in the border areas.

Ahmed Al-Dhafri from Bayda province said that on July 30, he and a group of 14 young people headed to the Saudi border until they reached the Hattat area with the aim of entering Saudi territory in search of job opportunities.

“They were arrested by the Saudi border guards. They blindfolded their eyes and put them on the ground.  Then the Saudi border guards selected four of the youths and killed them by firing at them. While other the border guards pointed their guns at the rest,” Al-Dhafari confirmed.

The arrested pleaded the Saudi officer not to kill their colleagues, but did not Work to reverse the decision of murdering them.

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