Exposing Saudi UAE Aspirations in Yemen

The aspirations of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in Yemen, were exposed after Riyadh went with its military force to the provinces of Hadhramout and Mahra, and Abu Dhabi’ focus on Yemen’s coasts and islands.

To be sure, Saudi Arabia has historic aspirations in Yemen that it has been moving from year to year, governed by an expansionist trend. Geographically, Yemen is uniquely positioned and geopolitically important, making it vulnerable to the aspirations of many countries. In addition to its inventory of oil and gas wealth, and its supervision of the important waterway “Bab al-Mandeb Strait”, which controls maritime traffic entering and exiting the Red Sea, making Yemen a key partner in energy security and international navigation.

Saudi Arabia is well aware of the geopolitical importance of the Republic of Yemen, which has led it to draw up far-reaching strategies for controlling Yemen. The “aggression” it launched against the country on 26 March 2015, together with many States in a so-called international coalition against Yemen, it is a clear declaration of their aspirations, and the time has come to achieve them.

Under false names, Saudi Arabia declared war on Yemen and it has assisted in the implementation of its “occupation” of Yemeni territory in many States, most notably, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, have bought the loyalties of many European, even Islamic and Arab countries. The United Nations Security Council volunteered on its behalf and informed its resolutions to serve its real objectives in Yemen.

Finally, the Saudi-UAE “occupation” of South and East Yemen has become a reality, and these two countries are messing with everything there, they impeded the movement of ports, gas and oil installations and airports, occupied the islands, refused to operate the Aden refineries, they controlled oil and gas imports and were transferred to Riyadh banks.

They established armed militias, fuelled their conflict and became following the same colonial policy that Britain was pursuing during its occupation during its occupation of the south of the homeland, “divide and conquer.”

The whole world is well aware of the tragic conditions in which the Republic of Yemen is living under Saudi-UAE occupation, unfortunately, however, we are living in a time of maximum value and moral collapse, and the lofty principles are being sold and bought in dollars.

SOURCE: Saba News Agency.

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